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This post always slaps me in the face

Anonymous said: what is your opinion on drugs?


they exist. don’t do any of the nasty hard ones, don’t get so into the not so hard ones that they encompass your entire identity. no drug, even the chill ones, will make you a smarter, cooler, or more interesting person. they’ll only alter your perception and give you the illusion that you’re those things. 

one of my biggest pet peeves is the assumption that drugs make good art. i feel like the artist draws himself on a bunch of different drugs posts i see on tumblr are so misinterpreted. the point is to see how the self perception of an (already talented) artist changes through these drugs, it does not insist that those drugs made him a better artist. unfortunately, this is the internet, so people will interpret things in a brash and definitive way. now you’ve got a bunch of young people, frustrated with how much they suck at art, thinking they’ll become better at it if they do drugs. how harmful. 

don’t even get me started on generic “trippy” art. that shit is about as enlightening as a walk through Spencers when you’re fourteen. i look at trippy drug art and just feel absolutely nothing. sometimes people try and say “you don’t get it, you’ve never looked at this while you were high” which is a fucking terrible argument. that’s like going to a restaurant and realizing the food isn’t very good and the chef popping out and saying, “yeah but you’ve never tried it while you were stoned”. i get that things sound, feel, look, and taste different when your senses are heightened, but if they evoke no emotion in people while they’re sober then you’re just sticking up for the artistic qualities of that thing you couldn’t stop touching while you were on e.

with that aside, drugs exist. i really don’t care about them. i don’t do them because they stopped making me feel good a long time ago.

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Frida Gustavsson

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I don’t think that people accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense. I think it makes people terribly uncomfortable. David Lynch (via celestinevibes)

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